Latin American, Caribbean and Iberian Studies Program

Research Assistantships



The LACIS offers two one-third-time teaching assistantships in the spring semester to teach the interdisciplinary undergraduate course, "Latin America: An Introduction" (260). Graduate students in all Latin American disciplines are eligible for these positions; i.e., they are not reserved exclusively for LACIS students. Application is made to the professor who has responsibility for the course in late November, with offers made in mid-December. First year students are rarely awarded these positions.



Students with a particular area of expertise may apply directly to a department (especially Spanish and Portuguese) for teaching assistantships. Students should be aware that priority will be given to students enrolled in that department.



LACIS may on occasion sponsor a project assistantship in conjunction with its Tinker Visiting Professor Program. Announcements of such assistantships will be posted in a timely manner. Other research assistantships are not sponsored by LACIS, since our faculty affiliates are based in departments and are not appointed directly through the Program. Research assistantships are assigned to individual faculty members, who directly hire students to work for them. Faculty members tend to give priority to students in their own departments, and first-year students are unlikely to be hired. However, once students have become acquainted with some of the faculty, it is worthwhile for them to inquire about the availability of a position for the following year.