Latin American, Caribbean and Iberian Studies Program

International Job Opportunities


Jobs on the international circuit are also abundant, with quite a variety of options available. You could work for the U.S. government in a foreign country, for a private or non-profit U.S.-based organization, for a foreign firm, or for a variety of social change/ development assistance programs. Working abroad can offer numerous benefits, such as cultural enrichment, tremendous learning opportunities, language improvement, and many travel opportunities. Working for a multinational can offer substantial economic benefits, as well as practical knowledge to bring home upon your return, while working for a non-profit human rights group can be extremely rewarding for those with driving moral compulsion. You must determine how well you can adjust to cultural barriers, extreme distance between you and your family and friends, potential health concerns, and a number of "inconveniences" which life in the developing world can offer. If you have never spent significant time abroad, an international career may be best postponed, but for those who enjoy life outside the United States, working in your favorite country can be extremely satisfying, and you may never come home!