Latin American, Caribbean and Iberian Studies Program

Core Faculty



African Languages and Literature

• Tejumola Olaniyan: Caribbean Literature and Cultural Studies; History, Theory, and Sociology of Drama; Political Cartooning; and Derek Walcott 

• Aliko Songolo: African and Caribbean Literature; Francophonie Literature and Cultural Studies; and Twentieth Century Poetry


Agricultural and Applied Economics

Jennifer Alix-Garcia: The Impact of Displaced Populations on Host Communities; Deforestation; Inequality and Natural Resource Exploitation; and Environmental Services

Bradford Barham: Environment and Development; Technology Adoption and Innovation; and Agricultural Biotechnology in Latin America

Laura Schechter: Development Economics; Behavioral Economics; and Contract Theory


 Armando Muyolema: Latin American Literature and Culture; Indigenous Movements in the Andean Region; and Indigenous Insurgency

• Sarah Clayton: Mesoamerican Archeology, Nahuatl

Jerome Camal: Global Music/ Caribbean

Art History

Jill Casid: Visual Culture Studies; Colonial Botanical transplants and the Caribbean


Community and Environmental Sociology

 Jane Collins: Labor Processes; Gender; Development Studies; Agrarian Social Change; and Cultural Studies


Comparative Literature and Folkore Studies

Sarah Wells: Modernism and the avant-gardes; science fiction, labor, translation, film and media history


Consumer Science

Lydia Zepeda: Consumer Attitudes and Behaviors towards Organic and Local Foods


Design Studies

Carolyn Kallenborn: Mexican Art and Culture; Conceptual Garments and Sculptures 


• Maria Muniagurria: International Trade and Economic Development; Industrial Organization and Competition Policy; Dynamic Economics; and Economic Growth


Educational Policy Studies

Kathryn Moeller: Education Globalization and development;Gender and Womens Studies;Cultural Anthropology


• Lisa Naughton-Treves: Biodiversity Conservation in Developing Countries; Social Conflict and Land Use around Protected Areas; Wildlife Ecology in Human-Dominated Landscapes; and Property Rights to Wildlife


Gender and Woman's Studies

 • Christina Ewig: Latin American Politics; Politics of Developing Nations; Democratization; Comparative Welfare States and Social Policy; Inter-American Relations; Social Movements and Collective Action; Feminist Comparative Policy; Gender and Social Policy; Gender and Development; Gender and Politics in Latin America/Developing World; and Global Feminism


• Florencia Mallon: Modern Latin America; Gender, Ethnicity and Class; Indigenous History; Social Movements; Social Theory; Popular Culture; and Agrarian History

• Francisco Scarano: Caribbean History; Slavery and Emancipation in Comparative Perspective; Race and Nation in Latin America and the Caribbean; History of Puerto Rico and the Puerto Rican Diaspora; Historical Demography of the Caribbean; and Cultural Politics of National Identity in Latin America and the Caribbean

• Steve Stern: Latin American History; Amerindian Responses to Colonialism; Memories of Trauma and Political Violence; and Social Acquiescence and Rebellion

• James Sweet: African Diaspora and Brazil


Journalism & Mass Communication

• Hernando Rojas: Mass Media; Political Conversations; Public Opinion; and Collective Action


Law School

• Alexandra Huneeus: Latin American Law; Judicial Politics; Human Rights and Legal Cultures in Latin America; International Law; and Sociology of Law



• Jerome Camal: Global Music/ Caribbean


Medicine and Public Health

Pablo Gomez: History of Medecine and Science in Latin America; History of medicine and Science and the African Diaspora; Early modern corporeal epistemologies: Race and Medicine

Political Science

• Christina Ewig: Latin American Politics; Politics of Developing Nations; Democratization; Comparative Welfare States and Social Policy; Inter-American Relations; Social Movements and Collective Action; Feminist Comparative Policy; Gender and Social Policy; Gender and Development; Gender and Politics in Latin America/Developing World; and Global Feminism

• Erica Simmons: Contentious politics in Bolivia and Mexico

Noam Lupu: Public Opinion; Latin American Politics; political Parties and Partisanship, Preferences for Redistribution



Patrick Barrett: U.S./Latin American Relations, El Salvador


Spanish and Portuguese

Severino Albuquerque: Brazilian Literature, Culture, Theater, and Gender Studies

Grant Armstrong: Linguistic Theory - morphosyntax and semantics of Spanish and Yucatec Maya
• Ksenija Bilbija: Spanish American Writing; Cultural Studies; Post-Traumatic Memory; and Gender Criticism
Alicia Cerezo Paredes: 19th and 20th Century Peninsular Literature and Cultural Studies; Science and Literature; Word and Image Studies; Heterodox Spiritualities; Women Writers; and Costumbrismo

• Glen Close: Transatlantic Dynamics of Twentieth Century Spanish American Narrative

Loredana Comparone: Contemporary Catalan Theathre

• Ivy Corfis: Medieval Spanish Literature; Manuscript and Early Printing Studies; and Medieval Spanish Language

• Guillermina De Ferrari: Contemporary Caribbean Narrative; and Postcolonial Theory

Juan Egea: Contemporary Peninsular Poetry and Film
Veronica Egon: Foreign Language Pedagogy, Methodology, and Curriculum Development; and Second Language Acquisition
Diana Frantzen: Foreign Language Pedagogy; Applied Spanish Linguistics; and Second Language Acquisition
Anna Gemrich: Latin American Narratives; and the 20th Century Short Story
Victor Goldgel-Caraballo: 18th and 19th Century Latin American Literature with an emphasis on Material Culture and Media History
Paola Hernández: Contemporary Latin American Literature; Theater and Performance; Globalization Theories; Memory Studies; Issues of Identity; and Reception Theory
David Hildner: Renaissance and Baroque Theater and Poetry of Spain
Steven Hutchinson: Early Modern Spanish Literature; and Literature Theory
Courtney Johnson: Literature of the Turn of the 20th Century; Modernismo; Literature and Imperialism; and Hispanic Literature of the Philippines (No longer affiliated it appears)
Deborra Kaaikiola Strohbusch: Late Medieval Poetics; and Cancionero Poetry
Luis Madureira: Luso-Brazilian Colonial and Postcolonial Studies; and Modernism and Modernity in Latin America, Africa, and the Caribbean
Rubén Medina: Mexican and Chicano/a Literature and Culture; Canonical and Non-Canonical writers; Intellectual History; Film Studies; and Mexican Migration to the United States
Marcelo Pellegrini: 19th and 20th Century Latin American Poetry; the Latin American Essay; and Translation Theory
Guido Podestá: Latin American Literature, Cinema, and Cultures
Rajiv Rao: Intonational Phonology; Prosodic Phonology; Optimality Theory; Phonetic and Phonological Variation; Second Language Acquisition; and Afro-Hispanic Phonetics and Phonology
Kathryn Sanchez: 19th and 20th Century Luso-Brazilian Narrative; Visual Culture and Gender Studies; and Contemporary Women Writers
Ellen Sapega: 20th Century Portuguese Literature and Culture
Sandro Sessarego: Hispanic Linquistics; Contact Linguistics; Creolistics; Syntax; Sociolinguistics; Linguistic Variation and Change; Afro-Hispanic Language
Catherine Stafford: Linguistics; Second Language Acquisition and Pedagogy; and Phonetics
Fernando Tejedo: Socio-historical approaches to language, including morphosyntactic changes from Latin to Romance and standardization processes in Early Modern Spanish  

Margarita Zamora: Colonial Latin American Literature and Culture